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The Spaulding Roadsaver Asphalt Recycler 

The Roadsaver from Spaulding Mfg. is an asphalt recycler and hot patch trailer combo that was developed to save time and money for municipalities and independent contractors. When it comes to asphalt road maintenance equipment – residential, commercial, or otherwise – Spaulding is a firmly established, reliable name in manufacturing.Spaulding Roadsaver Asphalt Recycler

Spaulding Roadsaver Features

The Roadsaver is unique in its one-burner design for reclaiming asphalt and delivers massive fuel and maintenance savings to the end user. Every Roadsaver has:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Heated inner hopper ductwork
  • Fully insulated doors and walls
  • Size capacity of 2 to 6 ton
  • Continuous welds
  • Automatic temperature controller
  • Electric brakes
  • Tandem axles
  • Commercial rated tires
  • Adjustable 12-position hitch
  • 105,000 BTU burner for diesel

Optional features that many municipalities and contractors opt for in their Roadsaver include:

  • Hydraulic dumping hopper
  • Hydraulic top doors or rear doors
  • Strobe/arrow lighting kit
  • Tack tank with spray system
  • Propane torch
  • Tamper lift/roller lift
  • Tool holder and tool box
  • Overnight heat
  • Fully oil jacketed hopper

The goal for any road crew is to solve the asphalt problem at its core, rather than just cover up an area and eventually need to return for further repairs. Municipalities, agencies, and independent asphalt contractors want to better utilize their crews, reduce expenses, and cut reliance on outside resources. Relying on a machine like the Roadsaver makes it possible to meet these objectives.

Capabilities of the Spaulding Asphalt Road Maintenance Equipment

Roadwork needs to be done efficiently and effectively, and a Spaulding Roadsaver offers a versatile roster of capabilities for road crews that rely on high-performing equipment. The Roadsaver has the capacity to:

  • Recycle asphalt chunks and millings
  • Maintain hot mix during transport
  • Heat and reheat cold patch
  • Eliminate waste by reusing utility cuts
  • Use less fuel when reclaiming
  • Create hot mix by melting asphalt chunks

Oil vs. Air Jacket Hopper

The Roadsaver comes equipped with either an oil jacket or air jacket hopper. Deciding between the two requires careful consideration, though many users find that oil is far preferable to air.

Benefits of an oil jacket Roadsaver hopper:

  • Uses only one burner, adding up to a substantial fuel savings
  • Heats up evenly, with no hot spots and no burnt asphalt
  • Longer lifespan
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Oil holds heat, requiring less running of the burner during patching

Characteristics of an air jacket Roadsaver hopper:

  • Uneven heating, resulting in hot spots and burnt materials
  • Requires two burners to reclaim
  • Excessive fuel demand
  • Poor retaining of heat, requiring more fuel to maintain temperature
  • Shorter lifespan

Choose Bell Equipment for Spaulding Asphalt Road Maintenance Equipment

When road maintenance is your focus, you are undoubtedly seeking cost-effective solutions that are proven to extend the life of roads, highways, and parking lots. The Spaulding Roadsaver is a total package, delivering from the start to finish of each job thanks to its sophisticated design, comprehensive menu of optional features, and quality end product.

Contact Bell Equipment, Spaulding Roadsaver dealer and service center in Michigan and Ohio, to talk about asphalt road maintenance equipment and the features that will work best for your community.