Project Description


NEMA TS 5-TR-1 Portable Traffic Signal


The ADDCO PTS-2000 features an electric mast that can be raised into position with the flip of a switch. The standard Galaxy® Controller is capable of driving a single temporary signal or an entire network. Users can program and store everything from simple flagger functions to complex 16 phase intersections. The controller features wireless programming and operation; monitors and manages power consumption; and stores a library of programs for the complete range traffic control scenarios.

Each trailer features a bank of batteries with solar recharging, two signal heads, an integrated radio and a scaling redundant conflict monitoring system.

We’ve Got Your Back!
Galaxy Remote Monitoring System

JTI’s optional Galaxy® Remote Monitoring System (RMS) enables you to proactively monitor your portable traffic signals in real-time using your phone, tablet or PC. The Galaxy RMS provides automatic text and email alerts should an issue arise. Our Galaxy RMS Plus service provides secure direct-to-controller access and enables JTI’s support team to work with you to resolve any issues like we’re right there.

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