Municipal Tractor MT7 from Trackless VehiclesMunicipal Tractor MT7

The Municipal Tractor MT7 from Trackless Vehicles is economy and versatility in one. The articulated, four-wheel-drive machine is a powerful, dependable, user-friendly sidewalk tractor. The Municipal Tractor MT7 can be adapted for use all 12 months of the year with interchangeable front-mounted attachments. Municipalities choose these well-established, reliable machines to efficiently serve their communities while managing costs.

The Ingenuity of Trackless Vehicles

Trackless Vehicles leads the market in efficiency, safety, technology, operator comfort, and overall performance. The latest version of the Municipal Tractor MT7 has been trusted and improved as a direct result of feedback from the company’s large customer base.

Trackless relies on the input and requests of its customers to develop and improve products, and these valued opinions have enabled the company to design and manufacture the many useful and versatile attachments that make the MT7 an all-weather, year-round machine.

Safety, efficiency, and innovation are behind the Trackless brand, which public works departments, parks departments, airports, universities, and military facilities rely on to tackle their biggest weather challenges.

The Versatility of the MT7 Attachments

The Trackless MT7 has a powerful engine, improved joystick, in-dash touch screen, back-up camera, removable side panels, aluminum hood, anti-bounce ride control, and networked computer system. It has a program for every attachment, and operators can see the gauges, settings, and diagnostics whatever attachment they’re using at the time. From snow plowing to mowing to asphalt repair, the Trackless municipal tractor is the definition of versatility.

Winter Attachments

  • 5-Position Folding V-Plow: Choose between the straight blade, V-Plow, scoop plow, or a combo.
  • Angle Snowplows: Available in four widths and angled hydraulically to navigate over obstructions.
  • Double Trip Sidewalk Plow: Maneuvers successfully through and over uneven surfaces.
  • Dump Body: Doubles the spread distance, minimizing the number of returns for refills.
  • Fixed Wing V-Plow: Designed for high-speed sidewalk plowing.
  • Front-Mount Spreader and Plow: A combo of the angle plow and sidwalk spreader.
  • Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader: Applies salt and sand economically and minimizes waste and operation costs.
  • Ribbon Snowblowers: Deftly manages heavy, wet snow and frozen banks.
  • Tow Behind Spreader: Offers a generous spread that evenly disperses material.
  • Twin Auger Snowblowers: The efficient, go-to attachment for snow removal.

Summer Attachments

  • 74-inch Front Flail Mower: Manages heavier grass, scrub, weeds, and brush.
  • Aerator: Front visibility and easy maneuverability.
  • Boom Flail Mower: Easily tackles mowing in challenging areas, like ditches, steep inclines, embankments, and over guard rails.
  • Rotary Finishing Mowers: Available in 6’, 10’, or 14’ versions.

Concrete & Asphalt Attachments

  • Cold Planer: Available for asphalt or concrete, offers smooth and precise control.
  • Infrared Asphalt Heater: Cost-effective, low-waste asphalt repair.
  • Pickup Sweeper: Ideal for sidewalk spring clean-ups.
  • Power Angle Sweepers: Cost-effective, versatile, works to sweep sand, gravel, or other debris from a variety of surface types and sizes.

Other Attachments

  • Debris Blower: A small footprint ideal for leaf and debris cleanup in parks, cemeteries, and trails.
  • Front End Loader: Just right for the lighter work of grounds maintenance departments.
  • Leaf Loader: Picks up and mulches leaves curbside and blows them into a truck for offsite dumping.
  • Line & Stencil Painter: Used for straight line and stencil painting.
  • Spraying Systems: A convenient, portable water supply and great companion to any sweeper or cold planer attachment.
  • Stump Grinder: Precise, easy movement and easily driven from site to site.

Choose Bell Equipment for Trackless Vehicles and Attachments

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