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ADDCO Portable Traffic Signals (Rental)

Portable traffic signals increase the safety of work zones and maintain traffic patterns on busy roadways. Whether used by contractors, municipalities, or transportation departments, the ADDCO PTS-2000 has an unbeatable one-person rapid deployment design, easy-to-use advanced functionality, and is a dependable and safe way of managing traffic when typical road signals and signs are unavailable.

The ADDCO solar-powered portable traffic signals reduce signal set-up and programming time, as well as labor costs and the need for technical support. The fully automated electric-hydraulic mast can be raised into position with the flip of one switch, and an ADDCO portable traffic signal can be configured to your exact needs. With a full array of batteries, the PTS-2000 can operate for 21 days without sunlight.

The sophisticated Galaxy Controller in the ADDCO PTS-2000 features wireless programming and operation and can drive a single temporary signal or manage an entire network. It’s possible for users to program and store everything from simple functions to complex instructions for 16-phase intersections. In other words, the PTS-2000 can manage the intricacy of any traffic control scenario.addco-pts-2000

Features Electric-Hydraulic Mast – Raise With Flip Of Switch

For your portable traffic signal rental needs, Bell Equipment is your resource for the superior ADDCO design. Contact us for rental rates and availability.


Why Use a Portable Traffic Signal?

Portable traffic signals may not be the first element that comes to mind as a “must-have” during construction jobs or road work, especially when individuals are on hand to hold flags or signs, but opting for a portable traffic signal is the smart, safe, and cost-efficient choice.

Create Safer Work Zones

No matter how many orange signs are posted to warn drivers of road work ahead, there is still a risk to flaggers who are standing in roadways manning directional signage. With a portable traffic signal in place, the danger of flaggers, contractors, or crew being injured by distracted motorists is reduced. After hours, when construction crews are not on the job, portable traffic signals keep traffic moving smoothly and safely through work areas.

Eliminate the Need for In-Person Traffic Monitoring

When traffic signals are broken and under repair, portable traffic signals take over the job easily. No personnel are needed to direct traffic and the portable signals are available for 24/7 traffic control. The portable traffic signals are especially valuable in emergencies or natural disasters when law enforcement and emergency personnel have more pressing matters to attend to than traffic control.

Establish New Traffic Patterns

Newly installed traffic signals can take some getting used to for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. Portable traffic signals allow citizens to become accustomed to a new traffic pattern before and during the installation of new traffic signals.


Benefits of Portable Traffic Signals

Drivers know how to read traffic signals. There isn’t any room for interpretation when it comes to the red, yellow, and green lights. Portable traffic signals are an intuitive solution that improves communication and provides clear directions to motorists and pedestrians.

But this is just one of the many benefits of utilizing a portable traffic signal. Adding this solution to your work zone provides even more perks. Portable traffic signals are:

  • Safe: Creates safer work zones by eliminating flaggers from the job
  • Productive: Move freed-up flaggers to other duties on the job and create a more effective and efficient workforce
  • Reliable: Decreases the risk to motorists with a dependable, 24/7 traffic control solution
  • Simple: Saves time with a low-maintenance, one-person, easy set-up
  • Versatile: Offers different modes to suit the application, whether a two-lane road or major thoroughfare, pavement repair project or special event

Applications for Portable Traffic Signals

The versatility of portable traffic signals cannot be overstated. There are so many places and situations where a portable traffic signal is the convenient, safe, and smart option for maintaining traffic patterns and keeping motorists safely moving in the right direction. Here are just some of the applications:

  • Power outages
  • 2-lane road construction
  • Utility work
  • Bridge construction or painting
  • Downed signal replacement
  • Tree trimming
  • Patching jobs
  • Culvert installation
  • Event traffic control
  • Natural disaster traffic control
  • Emergency response

Portable traffic signals are easy to rent and use, whatever your need. Allow this innovative solution to simplify your work and create safer environments for crews, motorists, and pedestrians.

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