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Street Sweepers

The cleanliness of streets, roads, and other paved surfaces directly impacts air quality and the wellbeing of a city’s inhabitants. Reliable street sweepers are able to operate on the intended surfaces, no matter the weather conditions. Elgin vacuum and regenerative street sweepers are known for their high performance, exceptional value, and versatility. For your street sweeper rental needs, from the three-wheel Elgin Pelican Mechanical Sweepers to the Truck-Mounted Elgin Air Machines, Bell Equipment is your resource. Contact us for rental rates and availability.


Elgin Street Sweepers for rent

Street sweepers are responsible for far more than just preserving the aesthetics of urban areas. Street sweepers are integral to the cleanliness of towns and cities, and operating these machines on busy streets keeps cities cleaner and healthier. Street sweeping is a public service that benefits all citizens, whether you drive, walk, or ride a bicycle.


Benefits of Professional Street Sweeping

Street sweepers do more than just sweep, and they do not merely recirculate debris or create dust clouds. Street sweepers impact public health by doing their part to assist in the maintenance of good water and air quality in urban areas.

Here are just some of the many benefits of professional street sweeping:


Preserve Environmental Cleanliness

The trash, particles, and waste products issued from vehicles can bond to larger debris which then releases unhealthy air emissions that can be harmful to humans and animals if they find their way into streams, rivers, creeks, and bays. Wetlands are also damaged by uncontrolled runoff which impacts plant life, harms wetland inhabitants, and damages the beauty of the wetlands. Street sweepers are responsible for ridding the roads of this debris, thereby preserving the health and safety of bodies of water.


Protect Wildlife

Unfortunately, much of the litter on roadways includes food items that are attractive to animals, whether pets or wildlife. These items can be hazardous to an animal’s health, making them ill if they eat any of the trash. But there is another side effect as well – animals are attracted to these curbside odors which puts them at risk for being hit by a moving vehicle.


Maintain Public Safety

Gutters are the landing spot for all sorts of debris and when the debris is removed it reduces the chances of collisions or skids and improves driver visibility as they judge the distance between the edges of the roadway and curbs. Public safety is the biggest motivation behind street sweeping.


Manage Storm Water Runoff

Storm drains can quickly be clogged when runoff paths are blocked by the dirt and debris that collects on roadways and in gutters. By keeping these areas clean and clear, street sweepers allow water to drain as it is intended – quickly and thoroughly – which also prevents storm drain backups and erosion, both of which are responsible for dangerous roadways.


Reduce Auto Damage

Road debris can easily cause damage to vehicles and are often responsible for auto accidents. A vehicle’s finish is most affected by abrasion from roadside dust and debris, but litter or rocks can be thrown under the vehicle, into a windshield, or get caught under tires, causing damage.


Street sweepers not only have an impact on the cleanliness of streets, they also play a role in maintaining air quality and minimizing pollution.

A Brief History of Street Sweepers

Elgin Street Sweepers for rentGenerations ago, waste and filth filled city streets, but when sanitation and waste removal were finally designated as crucial to public health, street sweepers – actual people with brooms and shovels – cleaned the garbage, litter, and animal waste that would build up on the roads and sidewalks. Later, water hoses were added for further cleaning. In the 19th century, mechanized street sweepers were designed and manufactured to make the cleaning more thorough and efficient.

Street sweepers have gone through several evolutions. Older models of street sweepers were adept at cleaning streets but they were also notorious for leaving behind small debris. It was believed that this particulate matter would be washed away by the rain but, over time, the debris accumulated and added to a city’s pollution by entering storm water runoff.

That brings us to the modern street sweepers which are certified PM10 – this means they can collect particulate matter that is less than 10μm. The Environmental Protection Agency considers street sweeping to be an important step in protecting water quality, considering it a Best Management Practice.

Today’s street sweepers are equipped with sprayers and water tanks to loosen the particles on the street and cut back on dust. The machines can also gather the debris with a vacuum, pumping it into a collection bin, and remove dust from the air by containing it using centrifugal separation.


Street Sweepers Do More Than Just Sweep

Street sweeping is, of course, the most common application of sweepers. Most municipalities maintain a regular schedule for street sweeping to maintain a consistent schedule of ridding gutters and roadways from light debris. It is possible to use a specialty sweeper or have a sweeper modified to suit particular applications. Combination sweeper and catch basin cleaners are used by some communities to remove sand, gravel, silt, leaves, or litter out of catch basins – this helps protect streets from flooding and maintains the intended run-off flow during rains.


The seasons of the year also affect the type of street sweeping that is needed and possible:


Winter: Colder climates that experience very cold temperatures cannot use water which is typically employed for dust suppression sweepers because of the possibility of freezing both the street and the components of the sweeper. Vacuum sweepers are ideal under these conditions.


Spring: Spring clean-ups are when communities are most likely to see street sweeping as an effort to rid streets of the build-up from the winter when sweeping was likely happening on a reduced schedule. This heavy accumulated debris, including leaves or materials used over the winter to prevent icy roads, requires a powerful machine that operates a broom and conveyance action to remove the compacted material from the surface of the roads and to prevent the debris from clogging storm drains.


Summer: Most streets are swept on a regular basis in the summer as well as scrubbed and rinsed. This may happen on a weekly basis in some municipalities. This is also the time of year when you’re likely to see street sweepers used after parades and street festivities.


Fall: Leaf removal is the most common need for street sweeping in the fall. Vacuum sweepers are typically implemented to remove leaves, pine cones, or pine needles. The heavy rains that are common to autumn can impact the street sweeping schedule and, therefore, the removal of debris.



Who Uses Street Sweepers?

It’s not just paved city streets that have a need for street sweeping. Neighborhoods, urban or rural, can benefit from municipal sweeping, but so can plenty of industries. There are a variety of models of street sweepers that are appropriate for different types of duties.

Here are just some of the common applications for street sweepers:



Airports see their own special kind of debris on the tarmacs and grounds, including gravel, sand, and litter. Sweepers are used on high-speed runways because they have the ability to sweep large, flat surfaces at a high rate of speed and can pick up the typical debris as well as small metal objects, nuts, bolts, and even scraps of vegetation. Special glycol recovery sweepers are available for airports that must pick up deicing fluid – glycol – that is used to deice planes. This prevents the fluid from running onto the gate area surface or runway waiting and prevents it from flowing into the storm drain system and mixing with storm water runoff.


Road Construction

Heavy-duty street sweepers carry out the important job of cleaning up during road construction, handling heavy materials like mud, construction debris, broken pavement, and asphalt and concrete millings. These special sweepers are able to dump their findings into dump trucks which eliminates the need for them to leave the road construction site.


Race Tracks

The banked tracks unique to raceways require high-speed sweeping and machines that are equipped to remove oil absorbent material that has been laid down in order to remove a spill or aid in the drying of a wet area of the track. Powerful specialty sweepers are available for unique use on race tracks.



From cement plants to lime and quarry processing centers, from grain processing facilities to power plants, the industrial needs for sweepers include ridding areas of heavy or dry materials while minimizing dust emissions. This may mean the removal of coal or ash or debris like fine grains which can react to water and ultimately ferment, creating odor problems. Waterless sweepers were designed to suppress dust without liquid and move at a slower speed to further prevent the spreading of debris.


Best Practices for Street Sweeping

Elgin Street Sweeper RentalIt’s important to let communities know when street sweeping will occur, whether through flyers, posted signs, or permanent signs that limit parking in certain areas during sweeping. Maintaining a consistent schedule about sweeping makes it easier for residents to prepare and ensures that street sweeper operators are able to carry out the job they need to complete.

Inspect your street sweeping equipment regularly for damage. Keeping sweepers in good working condition is crucial to the street sweeper doing its job. Operate sweepers at the optimal speed levels to increase their effectiveness. Using the wrong street sweeper or a poorly maintained sweeper means the sweeping might as well not be completed at all. It’s crucial to use the right kind of sweeper for specific duties to ensure that the job done is thorough. Renting a street sweeper is often the ideal solution – you can be certain that any rented sweeper will be well-maintained and prepared to carry out its duties, no matter the time of year.

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