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An automated side loader like no other.

Heil’s STARR System is patented as the industry’s only semi-trailer refuse and recycling collection system, and the most maneuverable full-size collection vehicle in the world. The STARR consists of an automated arm mounted on a truck tractor, and a detachable semi-trailer packer body. This design means the STARR can literally run circles around other “straight frame” trucks, going around cul-de-sacs with ease and in and out of tight spots with less potentially dangerous backups.

But safety and maneuverability are only part of the story. The STARR System is revolutionizing the way solid waste is collected in neighborhoods around the world, by addressing the problem of ever-increasing distances to recycling facilities and landfills. Because of its tractor and trailer configuration, you can simply disconnect the STARR trailer when full, and then hook the tractor to an empty trailer so the operator can continue on the trash collection route. The full trailer can then be set aside, staying parked until it is convenient to take it to the yard, enabling you to schedule landfill hauls when traffic volumes on the road and at the disposal site are lower. Plus, full trailers can be pulled as tandems to the landfill when the route is done, or using non-route trucks, cutting your long trips to the landfill in half — driving down your fuel and tire costs.

The STARR System uses Heil’s proven Rapid Rail® refuse collection body design with continuous packing, solid structural foundation, and dependable operation. The automated arm has an 8-foot reach, 1,600 lb. lift capacity, and 8-second cycle time. Its unique lift geometry provides a direct line to the hopper, without the kick-out of some other systems, so the STARR can pick up where the other garbage trucks can’t.

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