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Haul the largest legal payloads.

For areas with stringent weight restrictions, the PowerTrak Commercial PLUS high-compaction tag axle rear loader enables you to maximize productivity by carrying the largest legal loads — up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard!

Under Federal bridge laws, this powerful commercial rear loader with a single tag axle can legally haul additional weight. Add an optional fifth pusher axle to carry even more legal payload. Operators can adjust both the front and tag axle loads, and can lift the tag axle when it’s not in use.

Heil’s patented design mounts the tag axle to the chassis frame rail, making it more structurally sound than refuse collection trucks with the tag axle integrated into the tailgate. This design also makes it possible to maintain a massive hopper volume. All the wheels stay down when the tailgate is raised, minimizing stress on the axle, tailgate, and hydraulics.

Other rear loaders move shoes or rollers along a single track during sweep and pack cycles, forcing the top cylinder to operate at a sharp angle of resistance. This causes intense friction that robs power and speed while increasing wear. The patented PowerTrak dual-track system gives the top cylinder its own path, significantly softening the angle of resistance. This results in reduced friction, faster cycle times, less wear in the tailgate shoes, and more pressure being exerted directly into the load for greater payload density.

With the biggest hopper in its class, the PowerTrak Commercial PLUS consumes refuse that would choke other rear loaders, including construction and demolition debris, discharge from 10-yard containers, and white goods. Its large capacity also reduces reload time to just 7 to 9 seconds. For semi-automated residential garbage collection, cart tippers can be added. A latch kit designed with deeper pockets enables containers to dump further into the hopper, providing more clearance for the tippers.


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