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AMERI-KAN has a long history of producing containers that will stand the test of time. All front loading containers are constructed for industrial or residential use and are user friendly. They will work with all front loading trucks that meet ANSI Standards.


100green   150brwn      
Straight 100 Model (1 yard capacity)   Straight 150 Model (1.5 yard capacity)
Spec Sheet   Spec Sheet      
200blue   R201GRN      
 Straight 200 Model (2.0 yard capacity)
   Sloped 201 Model (2.0 yard capacity)
Spec Sheet   Spec Sheet      
rear301grn   rear401brwn      
 Sloped 301 Model (3 yard capacity)
   Sloped 401 (4 yard capacity)      
Spec Sheet   Spec Sheet      
rear601red   rear801grn      
 Sloped 601 Model (6 yard capacity)
   Sloped 801 Model (6 yard capacity)
 Spec Sheet    Spec Sheet      




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