Heil Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Professionals in the waste industry rely on Heil refuse and recycling trucks to manage the volume and weight of their load. This brand offers a comprehensive menu of equipment and is known for their state-of-the-art hauling solutions that allow Michigan’s cities, municipalities, garbage haulers, and refuse companies to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively, day after day.

The Longstanding Good Reputation of Heil Equipment

When professionals in the waste industry look for the best garbage trucks and garbage truck bodies for their business, they turn to Heil’s

Heil Refuse & Recycling Trucks

established and respected equipment lines, new or used.

Heil Automated Front Loaders

Heil’s patented OdysseyTM hydraulic control technology has created a dependable automated front loader – the Heil Half/Pack Automated Residential Front Load Garbage Truck. Productivity enhancements by Heil eliminated the high-maintenance features that bump up the price point of most automated front end loaders, and instead created an industry-leading machine at a cost-effective price, so you can make more money on your route, whether residential or commercial.

Heil Front End Loaders

Heil commercial front load garbage trucks have the functionality and reliability to create easier and more profitable routes. All models are durable, dependable solutions, often able to serve both commercial and residential hauling routes. Ultimately, Heil machines are designed to afford the purchaser the lowest total cost of ownership with the highest productivity through technological enhancements and innovative features.

Available models include:

  • Half/Pack Freedom Front Load Garbage Truck: Made with alternative materials like aluminum and composites to give the machine its lightweight classification, the Freedom has an innovative load-control system that alerts the driver when gross vehicle weight nears its cap, which means avoiding overweight citations while still transporting the largest legal payload.
  • Half/Pack Front Load Garbage Truck: This commercial front end loader garbage truck sets the standard for all front loader refuse trucks and then some, with patented locks, advanced hopper sides, and an industry-leading interlaced ladder subfloor foundation.
  • Half/Pack Commercial Front Load Garbage Truck with Odyssey Hydraulic Controls: This machine boasts a refined hydraulic and electronic control system for maximum efficiency and precision. A single, easy-to-use joystick saves time and increases productivity.
  • Half/Pack Sierra Front Load Garbage Truck: A mid-weight solution for commercial and residential refuse routes, the Sierra front load body weighs significantly less than its counterparts, carries more, and has a curved top door.

Heil Automated Side Loaders

Cycle times are as short as eight seconds and arms reach up to nine feet on the Heil automated side loaders, lowering overall collection costs. High-performance, speed, and efficiency are the hallmarks of this line of refuse machines.

Available models include:

  • DuraPack Rapid Rail Sideload Garbage Truck: Ideal for the tight spots found on residential, commercial, and multi-family refuse routes, the DuraPack is sideload works smoothly and quickly.
  • DuraPack Python Automated Side Load Garbage Truck: A long reach, super-fast cycle time, and incredible lift, the Python is strong, fast and just right for residential refuse routes.
  • Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck: Lightweight but powerful, the Liberty has a constant pack body that continuously sweeps the hopper to eliminate stops.
  • MultiPack Automated Side Load Garbage Truck: This comprehensive refuse collection truck reduces overall costs thanks to being equipped with a rear loader, side loader, and high-performing tailgate.
  • Rapid Rail Automated Side Load Garbage Truck: The powerful arm of this truck has a 1,600 pound lift capacity and negligible kick out, allowing operation in the tightest spaces, whether in residential, commercial, or multi-family areas.

Heil Rear Loaders

Whether small town or big city, challenging route or smooth sailing, the durable, reliable Heil rear load garbage trucks get the job done. Models include:

  • Powertrak Commercial Rear Load Garbage Truck: High compaction, fast cycle time.
  • Powertrak Commercial Plus Rear Load Garbage Truck: Massive payload capabilities.
  • Durapack 5000 Rear Load Garbage Truck: A popular and durable residential truck.
  • Durapack 4060 Rear Load Garbage Truck: Split-body rear loaders for multiple commodities.
  • PT1000 Rear Load Garbage Truck: Lightning fast cycle times for residential or commercial routes.
  • Mini Rear Loader Garbage Truck: Compact, fast, and low-maintenance.

Choose Bell Equipment for New or Used Refuse and Recycling Equipment

Heil machines are built to have long lifespans. Whether you’re buying used or new, your investment will be worth the price. Work with Bell Equipment, Heil dealer and service center, to choose the recycling and refuse equipment that is right for your waste management needs. Contact us today.