Heil Automated Side Load Garbage Trucks

There is always a demand for a sophisticated, efficient, cost-saving collection truck. Heil Side LoaderHeil automated side load garbage trucks have lift capacities of up to 1,600 pounds, cycle times as short as eight seconds, and arms that reach up to nine feet. In other words, Heil has you covered, and makes every route safer for operators and crew, whether you’re running a route on city streets, in quiet neighborhoods, or in a gated community.

Dependability and toughness are a requirement when it comes to refuse collection. Heil lightweight automated sideload garbage trucks offer the lowest total cost of collection, legendary strength, and have redefined how trash is collected, packed, and dumped by using the most innovative technology available in the waste industry.

Command-SST Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

This residential side loader is focused on resetting the fleet owner’s expectations when it comes to safety, performance, and return on investment. The Command-SST is designed for safety, ease of operation, simple maintenance, fuel economy, and enhanced productivity.

The body-mounted arm is easy to service and delivers less cab rocking than other arms. The 3-axis arm also allows for above- and below-grade can access. Container grid lines on the monitor assist with grabbing the can curbside.

DuraPack Python Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

Intended for residential waste collection, the DuraPack Python side loader is known for its 9-foot reach, 8-second cycle time, and lift power of up to 800 pounds. This model combines the tough, productive DuraPack refuse body with the patented Python automated arm that prevents spillage and returns refuse carts with lids close every time.

The quick, smooth Python arm can save up to four seconds per stop, which adds up to one hour per day. That translates to a savings of over $15,000 per trash truck every year. The unique Python follower panel also enables continuous dumping, and twin packing cylinders allow for collection at more homes and fewer trips to the disposal site.

DuraPack Rapid Rail Side Load Garbage Truck

Ideal for either commercial or residential collection, the DuraPack Rapid Rail side load garbage truck has a 1,600-pound lift capacity and 8-second cycle time, making this model a superstar on residential, multi-family, and commercial refuse routes. With a strong arm that can handle up to 400-gallon waste containers and has almost zero kickout, the DuraPack Rapid Rail can operate in the tightest spots.

The DuraPack side load body combined with the Rapid Rail arm boosts the capabilities of this one machine and eliminates the need for a chase truck and extra trips to the landfill. Operators appreciate the DuraPack Rapid Rail for a smoother lift and reduced cab shake, improving the ride and precision.

Rapid Rail Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

Designed for both commercial and residential routes, the Rapid Rail automated side load garbage truck is the standard to which all trash trucks are set. The Rapid Rail has a lengthy reach, fast cycle times, continuous packing, and a solid structural design. This machine is highly productive and efficient for automated refuse collection for both large and small waste hauling fleets.

A 1,600 pound lift capacity, near-zero kickout and direct line to the hopper, and 8-second cycle time combine for industry-leading productivity, in combo with the lightest-weight side loader. The Rapid Rail can pick up where other vehicles can’t for speed and efficiency for trash collection from over 1,000 homes a day.

Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

Designed for residential routes, the Liberty automated side loader comes equipped with the Python arm. It’s 9-foot reach and 8-second cycle time can lift up to 800 pounds. Even with that strength, the Liberty is incredibly lightweight and the constant pack body has a patented paddle packer that continuously sweeps the hopper and eliminates the need to stop and pack the load.

The Liberty is one of the most productive automated side load garbage truck bodies, and the Python is the most advanced automated arm. Reliability and speed are simply part of how this model is made.

MultiPack Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

The MultiPack automated side loader can do it all because it is made of three precision-engineered products: the DuraPack body, the Python automated side load arm, and the DuraPack 5000 refuse tailgate. This is the only trash truck that can handle rear loader, side loader, and even commercial waste routes singlehandedly.

The MultiPack is the high-performance trash truck and allows a fleet to reduce total capital equipment costs. Ideal for waste routes with unlimited-at-the-curb contracts, the MultiPack is also great for unexpected surprises next to trash carts.

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