Epoke Salt Spreaderepoke salt spreader

Whether winter weather conditions are major or minor, roads need salt. Municipalities, towns, cities, and communities with winter road maintenance fleets rely on the Epoke 4902 Sirius AST Combi bulk salt spreader to efficiently cover large swaths of road, cutting both salt costs and labor time dramatically.

The Benefits of the Epoke 4902 Sirius AST Combi Salt Spreader

The Epoke 4902 is a large-volume, anti-icing spreader that is also a high-capacity dry and prewet material spreader. Trucks can move at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour during anti-icing applications on multilane highways, airport runways, and other large areas.

The versatility of the Sirius model also allows road crews to address icing on side streets, parking lots, and smaller areas with the same power and reach.

The ground-speed related system of an Epoke salt spreader ensures that the right amount of material is always used, minimizing waste. With a variable rpm control, the spreading disc can be adjusted and fine-tuned for different materials, ensuring optimum, controlled coverage.

  • Dry capacity: 5,23 – 9,15 cubic yard
  • Liquid capacity: 967 – 3,000 gallons
  • Dry spreading width: 6 – 40 feet
  • Liquid spreading width: 9 – 40 feet

The spreader compensates for width and quantity, and the amount of material deposited is affected by road speed. The entire Epoke Sirius system works together for an smart operation.

Features of Epoke Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

Epoke salt spreaders can be used to distribute several kinds of materials:

  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Split-stone
  • Pre-wetted dry material
  • Liquid
  • Liquid combined with dry material
  • Pre-wetted dry material and liquid

This kind of versatility means less waste of materials and a generous de-icing area. A single pass with the Sirius Combi can cover three lanes of road and this model’s in-cab EpoMaster controller allows the operator to carefully and meticulously vary the amount of material being spread.

The Sirius Combi AST can be combined with the EpoSat, an optional feature but one that has GPS capabilities, allowing operators to record their routes and the spreader controls used on the routes. This innovation element allows winter road maintenance crews the opportunity to focus less on logistics and more on the other needs for maintaining highway conditions.

The Smart Technology Features of Epoke Salt Spreaders

The smart technology of the Epoke salt spreader’s pre-wetting mechanism makes the Sirius model especially a sought-after, reliable piece of road equipment for winter road crews:

  • Material is put through the agitator.
  • The salt is crushed at the feed roller and dropped onto the rubber conveyor belt.
  • The material is metered and fed into the spreader disk.
  • The precise volume of material is distributed by area and speed.

These reliable features make it possible to spread the right mixture of salt and liquid – and do it consistently – reducing the supply need and minimizing the likelihood of salt bounce and scatter. Thanks to the pre-wetting feature, over a quarter of dry material can be replaced by liquid, which is cost-saving and environmentally friendly.

Get Your Epoke Sirius Salt Spreader at Bell Equipment

Epoke spreaders are quickly installed, making it easy to turn dump trucks into spreaders when winter precipitation appears. Epoke’s salt-spreading machinery offers a trio of unparalleled features in performance, material control, and safety. Contact Bell Equipment, trusted Epoke dealer in Michigan and Ohio, to talk about your road maintenance needs.