Envirosight Sewer Inspection CamerasEnvirosight Sewer Inspection Cameras

Sewer conditions can be obvious, and they can be challenging to diagnose. Knowing exactly what’s going on underfoot allows for a proactive approach so backups and failures can be identified before they demand cleaning and rehab. Sewer inspection cameras minimize the need for emergency call-outs, meaning your municipality stays within budget and limits its liability.

Envirosight Rovver X

One powerful and versatile sewer inspection crawler does the job of many. A safe, easy, and advanced system, the Envirosight Rovver X is a smart, agile machine.

  • Control inspections
  • View and record digital video
  • Log observations
  • Generate reports
  • Link to asset-management software
  • View status from dozens of onboard sensors
  • Conduct easy online updates
  • Access lifetime operating history

Usability is the most accurate description of this compact, steerable, six-wheel drive system that can maneuver past obstacles and allow the operator to tilt the camera for the best view. The Rovver X can be deployed from any size vehicle and has a modular design that adapts to pipe of any size, no matter the condition or material.

Quickview Air HD

When you need rapid insight into sewer conditions, the Envirosight Quickview Air HD is an instant wireless system that uses high-powered zoom optics to quickly assess sewer lines and inspect manholes and tanks. The Quickview Zoom camera is optimized for productivity.

  • Diagnose emergency call-outs
  • Avoid confined space entry
  • Conserve CCTV resources
  • Prioritize tasks
  • View pipes that are too damaged for a crawler

Illuminated and vivid inspection detail – from close-up or of distant, darker regions – comes through with features like a remote tilt adjustment, HD video, touchscreen tablet control, hands-free stabilization, and wireless design.

Verisight Pro

Drainage problems automatically mean that damage and obstruction will be difficult to see. The Envirosight Verisight Pro offers a clear, quick diagnosis for troubleshooting and drain inspection thanks to a smart push camera, crisp color footage, and powerful digital zoom.

  • Generate reports for on-site delivery
  • Capture up to 90 hours of video and images
  • Document findings
  • Organize stored footage with a built-in library
  • Type and save text using a full keyboard
  • Offload inspections through a USB drive or SD card

Envirosight Jetscan

The Envirosight Jetscan is an affordable, dependable, and versatile HD video nozzle that makes it possible to see what you’re jetting so diagnosis and solution can be quickly reached and productivity is never compromised.

  • Document cleaning success with before and after footage
  • View captured footage immediately via tablet
  • Save on costs with instant views of structural conditions and pipe maintenance, no CCTV crew necessary
  • Store hours of video
  • Illuminate pipe for greater clarity

This jetter camera has two sizes, is cable-free, threads on to any jetter hose, and has a compact design that means a broad range of applications can be addressed. It’s possible to find pipe problems without a crawler and identify hazards like collapses and protrusions that could put a nozzle at risk. The source of a problem can be pinpointed on a call-out so the responsible team can be quickly and accurately deployed.


The Envirosight Cleverscan conducts rapid, comprehensive, automated manhole inspections using five HD cameras, 3D visualization, and laser measurement so you can capture detail from every bit of the manhole wall through sophisticated technology.

  • Conduct a fully automated flat scan in minutes
  • View comprehensive image detail
  • Perform a full day’s work on one battery charge
  • Deploy almost anywhere with only one operator

Bell Equipment Is Your Best Resource for Envirosight Sewer Inspection Cameras

Envirosight operates by the simple tagline “underground understood” and their sewer inspection cameras are known for reliable performance and accurate diagnostic capabilities. When you are in search of a sophisticated, thorough view underground, contact Bell Equipment, trusted Envirosight dealer in Michigan and Ohio.