Elgin Street Maintenance Sweepers

Street maintenance professionals, companies, and municipalities in Michigan and Ohio count on the superior quality and performance of Elgin street maintenance sweepers. A trusted brand in the sweeper industry, Elgin offers a versatile selection of equipment in size, performance, and purpose. Street sweeping professionals turn to Elgin and its established, state-of-the-art machines, whether new or used.Elgin Street Maintenance Sweepers

Elgin Mechanical Sweepers

The range of Elgin mechanical sweepers are more familiarly known as broom sweepers. A main broom is used to pick up debris, and the debris is then sent to a conveyor before landing in the hopper.

Available models include:

  • Broom Badger: Maneuverable, powerful, and compact, the Broom Badger is a dual-engine sweeper that is easy to use and maintain. Drivers do not need a CDL to operate the machine. Designed for small streets, cul-de-sacs, and other tight spots without sacrificing a quality job.
  • Broom Bear: This four-wheel mechanical broom sweeper has fully dualized controls and a large hopper and water tank for super-efficient sweeping time. The Broom Bear is a great machine for both rural spots and congested urban areas. Also available with a CNG fueled engine.
  • Eagle: Year-round sweeping, high-speed transport, water conservation, and high-dump capabilities make the Eagle stand out in the line of Elgin’s four-wheel mechanical sweepers.
  • Pelican: A three-wheel sweeper modeled after the original street sweeper designs, the Pelican model has an isolated cab for a cleaner, quieter operation. It’s easy to maneuver, economical, and has single-lane dumping.
  • Road Wizard: Double-scissors lifting mechanism gives the Road Wizard greater stability and boasts trouble-free operation. This model comes with squeegee or no-jam belt conveyor systems and is designed to power through any heavy conditions.

Elgin Regenerative Air Sweeper

Using both pressurized air and vacuum air, the Elgin Crosswind regenerative air sweeper is efficient and productive, making it a great option for versatile uses, from streets to runways to parking lots. This sweeper is available with the option of a CNG fueled engine.

Elgin Pure Vacuum Sweepers

Elgin vacuum sweepers accurately represent the name they have been given, sucking material from the ground through a nozzle, just like a home vacuum. Available models include:

  • Megawind: The multi-purpose, high-performance Megawind handles leaf and debris vacuuming, catch-basin cleaning, and street sweeping for ultimate versatility.
  • Whirlwind: The Whirlwind is a truck-mounted vacuum sweeper with a low-maintenance design and extra-wide sweeping path, making it just right for uneven or patched roads and particularly bumpy debris.

Elgin Waterless Sweepers

This innovative waterless dust control system works for bulky material and fine particles while ensuring water conservation. Models include:

  • Waterless Eagle: The Elgin Waterless Eagle is ideal for year-round sweeping, offering high-dump capabilities, highway transport speeds, and a dual-mode air suspension system so sweeper operators can have a comfortable ride.
  • Waterless Pelican: For outstanding maneuverability while maintaining water conservation, the Waterless Pelican three-wheel mechanical sweeper handles heavy compacted dirt and bulky debris with an isolation-mounted cab and 360-degree visibility.

Choose Bell Equipment for New or Used Elgin Street Maintenance Vehicles

Elgin is the most trusted name in the sweeper industry. Whether you are looking for a used or new street maintenance machine, contact Bell Equipment, trusted Elgin dealer and service center in Michigan and Ohio.