3 Must-Have Road Maintenance Vehicles for Managing Michigan Winters

Winter weather conditions in Michigan can be unpredictable and demanding. Building a robust inventory of road maintenance vehicles allows your team to have a fleet that can handle whatever Mother Nature dishes out. No matter what kind of roads you’re maintaining, the following pieces of equipment will round out your maintenance needs to beat any type of winter precipitation.

1. Trackless Vehicle with Winter Attachments

The Municipal Tractor MT7 is an articulated, four-wheel drive, sidewalk tractor. Adaptable for all 12 months of the year, the interchangeable front-mounted attachments make this machine a must-have when you’re trying to efficiently service your community while managing costs.

Versatile winter attachments come in different blades and widths to ease navigation over obstructions and uneven surfaces. Options include:

  • 5-Position Folding V-Plow
  • Angle Snowplows
  • Double Trip Sidewalk Plow
  • Dump Body
  • Fixed Wing V-Plow
  • Front-Mount Spreader and Plow
  • Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader
  • Ribbon Snowblowers
  • Tow Behind Spreader
  • Twin Auger Snowblowers

2. Bulk Salt Spreader

When you service a variety of roads and areas, need to cut cots and labor time, and have different types of material to distribute, a versatile salt spreader can handle just about anything that comes its way.

An Epoke salt spreader can spit out salt, sand, split-stone, pre-wetted dry material, liquid, liquid combined with dry material, and pre-wetted dry material and liquid. When you have a machine that’s this adaptable, that can cover three lanes of road in a single pass, that can vary the amount of material being spread, there is less waste and greater efficiency – both necessary in times of planned for or unexpected winter weather.

3. Automated Brine Maker

The salt and water mixture known as brine stays where it is dropped and doesn’t bounce like salt crystals, making brine one of the best ways to keep roads free of snow and ice. You can manufacture this material on your own with the Cargill AccuBrine automated brine maker.

Besides putting you in control of your entire operation, the brine maker offers many other benefits:

  • Adaptable: Connect the brine maker with a blend truck loading and blending system to handle changes in weather or road conditions.
  • Economical: Eliminates risky, time-consuming manual labor by rinsing itself out, saving both time and labor costs.
  • Practical: Advanced technology lets the brine maker fill with salt at the flick of one switch, producing the desired amount and concentration.
  • Efficient: Produces thousands of gallons per hour to ensure full coverage during every pass.
  • Durable: Constructed of strong fiberglass to withstand the harsh components of the brine.
  • Versatile: Include additives in your brine for your recipe of choice, including hot brines.

Get Your Winter Road Maintenance Vehicles in Michigan and Ohio

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