4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Street Sweeper

Different street sweepers have different capabilities, and some will work better for your sweeping needs than others. Buying or renting the right equipment is critical, and the following questions can help you determine what brand and model of Elgin street sweeper is right for your operation.

1. Are you sweeping compact or loose debris?

Whether you’re sweeping compact or loose debris or both affects the type of sweeper you want to acquire. Vacuum sweepers suck material from the ground through a nozzle, just like a home vacuum. The Megawind model is good for multi-purpose use and still delivers a high performance by handling leaf and debris vacuuming, catch-basin cleaning, and street sweeping. The Whirlwind model has an extra-wide sweeping path that works well on uneven or patched road and is an excellent match for bumpy debris.

2. What are your time constraints for getting the job done?

You may have the job of cleaning an area quickly in between events or tree trimming, for example. Models like the Elgin Crosswind regenerative air sweeper uses both pressurized air and vacuum air for ultimate efficiency and productivity. It’s versatile and works on everything from streets to runways to parking lots.

3. Can debris be dumped on-site or removed to another location?

What happens to the sweepings your machine collects? If your machine is dedicated to working in a certain zone, is there also a dedicated dumping area on-site for debris? If the dumping does occur on-site, will the debris be dumped on the ground or deposited into a bin or truck? Knowing these answers will help you select the right kind of broom sweeper that sends debris to a conveyor before it lands in the hopper and needs to be disposed of. Elgin has multiple mechanical broom sweepers that offer the ultimate in power and variable dump height while also being maneuverable and stable, compact or large.

4. Are you concerned about environmental impact?

Waterless mechanical sweepers make community care that much kinder. Street sweeping is an environmental necessity, removing debris, dust, and dirt from the streets as well as preventing unwanted materials from flowing into storm drains. If your job is to minimize water pollution as well as backups and flooding, a waterless mechanical sweeper reduces carbon footprint, whether you’re sweeping roads, parking lots, job sites, or otherwise. The dry sweep performance is especially exceptional for winter weather and road conditions in Michigan, which goes hand in hand with salt, sand, and cinders.

Get a Street Sweeper from Bell Equipment

The area you’re sweeping, the regularity of the sweeping, and the type of debris being picked up are all important considerations for street sweepers, whether it’s your full-time job for a municipality or industry or whether it’s an occasional-use machine that you’re adding to the fleet.

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