Which Python Arm Side-Loader Is Right for Your Fleet?

Heil garbage trucks are versatile and suitable for collection routes of all sizes and destinations. Whether running on an unpaved rural route, cramped city street, or heavily populated development, there is a Heil side loader that will work for you. Many operators are partial to the side loaders equipped with the powerful Python arm. Learn more about all three of them.

Features of the Python Arm

Each of the three Heil models that are equipped with the Python arm boast the same features:

  • 9-foot reach
  • 8-second cycle time
  • Can lift up to 800 pounds
  • Prevents spillage
  • Returns refuse carts with closed lids
  • Saves up to four seconds per stop, which adds up to one hour per day
  • Can save over $15,000 per trash truck per year
  • Enables continuous dumping

The DuraPack Python Automated Side Loader

The DuraPack Python automated side load garbage truck is intended for residential waste collection. With twin packing cylinders, it’s possible to make collections at more homes and make fewer trips to the disposal site. Cost savings and efficiency are at the heart of the DuraPack, which also boasts heavy-lifting capacity, dual joystick capability, proportional controls, an intuitive brain, above-grade can picks, can shake feature, and auto-lift.

The Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

Also designed for residential routes, the Liberty automated side loader is equipped with the super-strong Python arm. The machine as a whole, however, is still incredibly lightweight and its constant pack body has a patented paddle packer that continuously sweeps the hopper. The result: No need to stop and pack the load at regular intervals, making the Liberty one of the most productive automated side load garbage truck bodies. Reliability and speed are the definition of this model.

MultiPack Automated Side Loader

A triple threat and all-powerful machine, the MultiPack automated side loader boasts a trio of precision-engineered features: the DuraPack body, the Python automated side load arm, and the DuraPack 5000 refuse tailgate. The only trash truck that can singlehandedly manage rear loader, side loader, and commercial waste routes, the MultiPack is a high-performance machine that allows for a reduction in total equipment costs.

Choose the Right Python-Equipped Side Loader

All Heil automated side load garbage trucks – whether equipped with the Python arm or not – are sophisticated, efficient, cost-saving machines with impressive lift capacities and short cycle times. From gated communities to quiet neighborhoods to city streets, Heil machines are dependable and tough when it comes to refuse collection.

Using innovative technology, Heil side loaders use boast operator friendly tools, legendary strength, and the lowest total cost of collection. Contact Bell Equipment today to discuss the right Heil side loader with a Python arm for your municipal or community needs.