The Best Summer Attachments for Your Municipal Tractor

The Municipal Tractor MT7 from Trackless Vehicles is beloved by the road crews of communities and municipalities for its versatility and economy. This powerful machine has dozens of attachments for all seasons, making it an ideal addition to a fleet, whether you’re mowing weeds, plowing snow, or removing asphalt. Time to discover how the Municipal Tractor works best in the summer.

Summer Attachments for Trackless Vehicles

Winter is a lot of work with all that snow and ice removal demanding plowing, snowblowing, and salt spreading. But summer is a busy season too. There isn’t the kind of precipitation that keeps people off roads and sidewalks, but there is growing grass that demands attention.

The best summer attachments for the Municipal Tractor MT7 in the summer months includes:

  • Front flail mower: This 74-inch mower manages demanding and difficult heavy grass, weeds, scrub, and brush. Whether you’re tackling median strips, the side of the highway, or managing public parks and common spaces, this attachment cuts down whatever is in its path.
  • Boom flail mower: If only all terrains were smooth and even and easy to pass over and neatly trim. But there is no ignoring ditches, embankments, and steep inclines. The right attachment allows the Municipal Tractor operator to reach the tough stuff, even over guard rails.
  • Rotary finishing mowers: When your grounds maintenance demands include incredibly careful and precise grooming, you want a rotary finishing mower attachment that can make every lawn look like a carefully manicured golf course.

Beyond Grass-Mowing and Trimming

There are many attachments that can be added to the Municipal Tractor to simplify summer groundskeeping and yard maintenance:

  • Debris blower: You can’t clean up that grass until you get rid of the debris. This attachment has a small footprint and is great for cleanup in parks, trails, and cemeteries.
  • Line and stencil painter: If you’re responsible for marking up the field after you’ve manicured it, you can make easy straight lines and stencils with this attachment.
  • Front end loader: Doing lots of work beyond lawn care? The front end loader makes heavy lifting light and helps grounds maintenance departments deliver a well-rounded list of capabilities.
  • Spraying systems: When you need a convenient, portable water supply, the spraying attachment is the source.

Choose Bell Equipment for Summer Attachments for Trackless Vehicles

The Municipal Tractor is an articulated, four-wheel drive, sidewalk tractor. It can be adapted for use all 12 months of the year with its interchangeable front-mounted attachments. These machines are reliable and service communities effectively while managing costs.

Ready to boost your summer fleet with powerful versatility so you can do every job from start to finish, all year long? Whether you’re with a public works department, parks department, airport, university, military facility, or otherwise, bulk up your municipality’s supplies with helpful attachments for your Municipal Tractor. Contact Bell Equipment today to learn about all the available attachments for the Municipal Tractor MT7.