What Automated Side-Load Garbage Truck Is Right for Your Fleet?

When you’re ready to add a new side-load garbage truck to your fleet, you want to check all the right boxes to ensure that the work continues to get done efficiently and effectively. The priorities for refuse and recycling routes typically include cost savings, dependability, and toughness. Here are some models and their characteristics to consider as you look for the best automated side-load garbage truck for your route.

Command-SST Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

Safety? Check. Performance? Check. Return on investment? Big check. The Command-SST is designed to be easy and simple, with great fuel economy and enhanced productivity. Operators love this model for the body-mounted arm that barely rocks the cab and the grid lines on the monitor that make for easy grabbing of the can curbside.

DuraPack Python Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

The DuraPack Python is two powerful machines in one, with a tough refuse body and powerful automated arm that prevents spillage. That arm saves time on every residential stop, adding up to hours of savings every week and about $15,000 in savings per truck every year.

DuraPack Rapid Rail Side Load Garbage Truck

Whether you’re working commercial or residential routes, the DuraPack Rapid Rail is buff but knows its place. The strong arm handles up to 400-gallon waste containers and, thanks to zero kickout, can snag cans in even the tightest spots. This one is great for your operators too, allowing a smooth lift and reduced cab shake for better precision and a nicer ride.

Rapid Rail Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

An eight-second cycle time and light-weight side loader, the Rapid Rail can go where other machines cannot. Efficiency is the name of the game with this side loader, but there is no sacrificing power – the Rapid Rail has a 1,600-pound lift capacity, near-zero kickout, and direct line to the hopper. Commercial or residential route, this machine is productive and fast.

Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

The king of residential routes, the Liberty side loader also has the powerful Python arm with a nine-foot reach and eight-second cycle time. A lightweight machine, the Liberty is nevertheless powerful, with a constant pack body that eliminates the need to stop and pack the load. It’s a productive model, both reliable and speedy.

MultiPack Automated Side Load Garbage Truck

The MultiPack model is a triple threat in the world of automated side loaders. With a tough DuraPack body, precision-engineered Python arm, and DuraPack 5000 refuse tailgate, this trash truck can handle rear-load, side-load, and commercial routes for the ultimately in versatility and durability. A high-performance automated refuse and recycling truck, the MultiPack delivers high performance and allows fleets to reduce total capital equipment costs.

What Automated Side Loader Is Right for Your Fleet?

All these Heil side loaders are available through Bell Equipment, dealer of Heil trucks for your refuse and recycling fleets. Contact us today to learn more about each model and find out what will be best for your routes in Michigan and Ohio.