Brilliant Technology.
Improved Safety.
One-Button Functionality.

Finding, hiring and training new drivers is expensive. Operator turnover means that fleet owners incur lower productivity from new drivers as well as higher maintenance costs from operators not familiar with dumping commercial containers. Heil’s Half/Pack® front loaders equipped with H.A.L.O. controls safely dumps a container with the press of one button, allowing the operator to focus on safety operating the front loader. Fleet owners now have operators that are safer and more productive on day one.

How H.A.L.O. improves your Total Cost of Collection (TCC)

Every container pickup has a cost. TCC is a metric that fleet owners are increasingly paying attention to that correlates the overall cost of the asset, i.e., vehicle cost, fuel, maintenance, tags, depreciation, labor, etc., divided by the number of customers serviced each day. The lower the TCC, the higher the overall Return On Investment of the vehicle.

By equipping your fleet with new H.A.L.O. technology, you can instantly improve your TCC and gain an immediate advantage over those running a competitors product, something we call the H.A.L.O. Effect.