6 Benefits of an ADDCO PTS-2000 Portable Traffic Signal

You should have high standards for the portable traffic signals you use on your crew or force. The ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal is a machine with extensive capabilities and features that come standard and plenty of add-ons to enhance its operations.

1. Rapid Deployment

Portable traffic signals are often used in fast-developing situations, when unexpected traffic patterns arise, lanes are closed, or road blocks are necessary. Having a portable traffic signal that is quickly and easily deployed in minutes simplifies the job, and eliminates any hazards amid traffic problems, construction, signal outages, or otherwise.

2. Narrow Footprint

Just because you need a portable traffic signal somewhere, that doesn’t mean the area always lends itself to the circumstances. The ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal has a narrow footprint that works for almost every situation and is an ideal fit in even the tightest work zones. Crews can create and maintain safe and consistent traffic patterns for motorists, pedestrians, and workers, whether you’re on the side of a road, in a parking lot, or at an intersection.

3. Versatility

Traffic control needs vary from day to day. You may need overnight signaling, event traffic control, or signaling in an emergency. There may be a few days of road construction or an afternoon of repairs. The most helpful signal has a mast and arm that can be deployed with the flip of a switch and adapt to each job’s specific requirements and programming, from simple flagger functions to complex 16-phase intersections.

4. Durability

You want a durable portable traffic signal to handle whatever conditions it’s standing in. Look for a unit made with tubular steel construction and certified to handle heavy winds. A weatherproof, lockable, self-contained power supply keeps batteries safe while a unit with solar panels helps keep signals charged during the project duration.

5. Safety

Portable traffic signals should be safe for your crew and the end user alike. The machine’s automatic features should keep workers safely at the roadside and out of traffic during deployment. Even more ideal is a secure machine with a retractable and lockable tongue and heavy-duty outrigger jacks and jacks extensions for leveling and added safety on uneven terrain. Look for high visibility LED trailer lights that deliver high illumination to improve safety, especially during dawn or dusk deployments.

6. Technology

One more very important characteristic to demand when purchasing a portable traffic signal is to opt for a model that is technologically advanced. The ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal is a sophisticated machine that includes the most advanced signal controller technology available, the Galaxy Controller. This innovation can drive a single temporary signal or an entire network of up to 30 signal trailers.

The ADDCO PTS-2000 also features wireless programming and operation as well as remote monitoring via phone, tablet, or computer for convenient, real-time, around-the-clock use when necessary.

Learn more about the ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal, available from Bell Equipment. Contact us today to discuss your traffic control needs in Michigan and Ohio and figure out what will work best for your community.