Tackle Damaged Roads This Spring with a Cost-Saving Asphalt Recycler

Every spring the same problems arise on roads and highways and in parking lots: potholes, cracks, and crumbled asphalt. Weather conditions and traffic have a major impact on the life of a road. To save time and money on repairs – and to prevent the same issues from occurring year after year in the same places – municipalities and independent contractors in charge of road repairs rely on an asphalt recycler and hot patch trailer combo.

Key Components of an Asphalt Recycler

Whether you are doing asphalt road maintenance for residential areas, commercial areas, or otherwise, you want a machine that can offer major perks for what can seem like never-ending work. An asphalt recycler with a one-burner design can reclaim asphalt and deliver major fuel and maintenance savings. Look for equipment that offers:

  • Heavy duty steel construction and fully insulated doors and walls
  • A 2- to 6-ton size capacity
  • Automatic temperature controller
  • Heated inner hopper ductwork
  • Commercial rated tires and electric brakes
  • Adjustable multi-position hitch

Ultimately, road crews want to solve the asphalt problems, not just cover them up temporarily. They not only want the work they do to last, but the machine they use to do the work to have longevity too.

Critical Capabilities of Asphalt Road Maintenance Equipment

High-performing, versatile equipment is essential when it comes to road repairs. For the greatest efficiency, you want an asphalt recycler that can do the following:

  • Create and maintain hot mix during transport
  • Recycle asphalt chunks and millings
  • Heat and reheat cold patch
  • Reuse utility cuts to eliminate waste
  • Use less fuel when reclaiming

Road crews also have the option to choose between an oil jacket or air jacket hopper on their asphalt recycler. Many lean toward oil instead of air for many reasons.

An oil jacket hopper uses only one burner and heats up evenly with no hot spots or burnt asphalt. This adds up to substantial fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. This version also has a longer lifespan as oil hold heat, which means less running of the burner during patching is necessary.

An air jacket hopper is known for uneven heating, which results in hot spots and burnt materials. It also requires two burners and retains heat poorly, demanding excessive fuel to maintain temperature. Not surprisingly, all these characteristics lead to a shorter lifespan for the equipment.

Learn more about the Spaulding Mfg Roadsaver asphalt recycler and hot patch trailer from Bell Equipment. We are a trusted dealer of Spaulding equipment, well-known for our service, and are widely relied upon by municipalities and independent contractors in Michgan and Ohio. Contact us today to discuss your road maintenance needs and what will work best for your community.