Road crews and service fleets invest in trackless vehicles so they can have an economical and versatile piece of machinery in their arsenal. The many attachments for a trackless vehicle make this piece of equipment the answer to so many weather challenges in winter.

Winter Attachments for a Trackless Vehicle

The best kind of trackless vehicle gives you the option of interchangeable, front-mounted attachments so your crew can tackle community demands while keeping costs down. The many winter attachments for a trackless vehicle like the Municipal Tractor MT7 include:

  • Snowplows: Opt for a straight blade, V-Plow, scoop plow, or combo on the 5-Position Folding V-Plow. Rely on an Angle Snowplow, which is available in four widths and angled hydraulically to navigate over obstructions. Or select a Double Trip Sidewalk Plow that successfully maneuvers over and through uneven surfaces, or a Fixed Wing V-Plow designed for high-speed sidewalk plowing.
  • Spreaders: Take care of business coming and going. The Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader applies salt and sand carefully and judiciously without wasting materials. Need to cover a bigger surface with your salt spreader? The Two Behind Spreader offers a generous spread and evenly disperses material. A Front-Mount Spreader and Plow is a combo of the angle plow and sidewalk spreader.
  • Snowblowers: A Ribbon Snowblower easily manages the heft of wet snow and frozen banks. And the Twin Auger Snowblower is the go-to attachment that efficiently handles snow removal.

Using a Trackless Vehicle in Winter

Four-wheel-drive sidewalk tractors can be adapted for use all 12 months of the year, but they are especially a necessity in Michigan and nearby states in the winter. Parks departments, military facilities, and entities like the following rely on trackless vehicles to get snow removal and management done effectively:

  • Schools: Whether university, high school, or elementary school, where there are students, there are sidewalks and playgrounds and playing fields. The world doesn’t stop for snow, and getting into those small spaces for snow removal, salt spreading, and more is essential.
  • Airports: Weather conditions must be extreme for planes to stay grounded, which is why airports need trackless vehicles to keep people and flights moving. With a program for every attachment, a trackless vehicle can switch winter attachments as needed to handle all conditions and areas of a busy airport.
  • Municipalities: Safety, efficiency, and innovation are a must for busy municipalities that manage hundreds of sidewalks, roads, and spaces. Snow must disappear as quickly as it arrives and the user-friendly operation of a trackless vehicles helps every winter job get done quickly no matter how many communities, buildings, parks, and businesses you’re serving.

If you are in the market for a year-round machine, contact Bell Equipment, trusted dealer of Trackless Vehicles like the Municipal Tractor MT7 with interchangeable, all-season attachments. We also operate a service center in Michigan and Ohio to ensure your machines are all working properly, all year round.