Brine is a salt and water mixture that many road maintenance crews rely upon to tend to highways and side roads during Michigan winter weather. Brine doesn’t bounce like salt crystals and stays in place better so it does the job it was intended to do – keep roads free of snow and ice. How the brine is manufactured is up to individual road crews, but many rely on an automated brine maker to get the job done effectively.

Benefits of Using an Automated Brine Maker

Here are just some of the benefits of using an automated brine maker:

  1. Adaptable: Connecting the brine maker with a blend truck loading and blending system makes it possible to adapt the brine maker’s output to handle changes in weather or road conditions.
  2. Economical: An automated brine making system eliminates the risky, time-consuming manual labor that is required during cleanouts by delivering a system that rinses itself out and directs runoff to a designated area through the sloped floor, saving both on time and labor costs.
  3. Sophisticated: When you choose an automated brine maker with advanced technology, the operator can fill the brine maker with salt and operate the unit with one switch, producing the desired amount and concentration of brine.
  4. Efficient: An automated brine maker with a powerful pump can produce thousands of gallons per hours, hundreds per minute, to make sure every pass covers the right area with the right amount of brine.
  5. Versatile: Multiple additives can be included with your brine, making it possible to create various recipes, including hot brines, to tackle whatever Mother Nature dishes out.
  6. Durable: A well-made automated brine maker constructed of strong fiberglass can withstand the harsh, corrosive nature of the brine components.

Look for an automated brine maker that also offers remote capabilities so the machine can be operated and monitored via mobile device or desktop computer. Tank-level management logic makes for better truck-loading accuracy, careful tallying of batches, and the production of daily, weekly, or monthly reports of machine users and usage.

The Long-Term Cost Savings of Using an Automated Brine Maker

The manual requirements for producing homemade brine can be costly. The manual labor alone is a major task. Investing in an automated brine maker effectively produces an accurate, effective blend of salt with the push of one button. While there is an upfront cost to purchase a machine for your road crew or maintenance fleet, over time there are long-term savings including:

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Minimizing production time
  • Decreasing manual labor
  • Reducing deicing applications of regular road salt

Pretreating roads with salt brine reduces the need for solid deicing product to melt ice and clear roads, an additional savings on labor, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other expenses.

Invest in the AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker

Learn more about the AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker, offered through AccuBrine dealer Bell Equipment, serving Michigan and Ohio. This cost-effective investment for winter maintenance operations is a reliable solution and must-have piece of equipment in your winter weather inventory. Contact Bell Equipment to discuss your winter road maintenance needs.