Street sweeping is a specialty, and not just any machine can get the job done effectively. Working in residential construction, the mess is constant and construction sweeping is an ongoing need since the construction site is amid residents’ homes. Add the right street maintenance sweeper to your fleet and you’ll get the job done right.

Here are just some of the reasons it’s worthwhile to add a street sweeper to your construction fleet:

1. Perception

Professional street sweeping keeps the areas you’re working in looking good. Without regular cleaning, construction zones begin to look dilapidated, even if destruction is the exact opposite of the building that’s going on.

Property values are maintained and can increase with regular street sweepings. A well-maintained, pristine community is appealing to prospective homeowners and appreciated by community residents who take pride in their neighborhood.

When you operate a residential construction zone, a community that is clearly kept up reflects well upon the builder and management, making the location-location-location cliché a reality.

2. Safety

Street sweeping is a vital safety component for the community or area in which your construction work is occurring. Debris and dirt are pollutants, visibly and invisibly. Removing them allows for a cleaner environment, while also keeping gunk out of sewers and preventing storm water runoff and accompanying damage and destruction.

Removing debris also minimizes the chances of slip-and-fall accidents, so your construction zone isn’t a hazard to the community.

3. Cleanliness

Keeping sanitary conditions is a must in a construction zone, making street sweeping a necessary maintenance component. Power sweeping minimizes the amount of dirt and debris that’s on the street, in the grass, and in the air and finding its ways into peoples’ homes.

Well-executed and regularly performed street maintenance means cleaner streets, less dirt walked into homes, fewer clogged furnace filters and ducts, healthier pools, and cleaner outdoor furniture, decks, and siding. Cleaning the streets means homeowners have less power-washing and cleaning to do on their own property – and they’ll thank you for the consideration.

4. Longevity

Anyone moving into a construction zone knows they’re going to have to tolerate a little mess, but they don’t want to put up with more mess than is necessary. They anticipate that, eventually, the ongoing dirt and construction dust will diminish and their area will still be properly maintained. Regular street sweeping eliminates abrasives like sand, dirt, and trash, protecting concrete and asphalt and increasing its life span.

If you’re considering adding a street maintenance sweeper to your fleet instead of contracting out or relying on municipal cleanings, contact Bell Equipment, trusted distributor and servicer of Elgin street maintenance sweepers.