Is Your Salt Spreader Ready for Winter?

Winter hits when it feels like it, and if you aren’t ready by now, you’re already behind. Don’t wait another minute to make sure your salt spreader is ready to do the hard work demanded of it. Also be prepared, if need be, to purchase a new or used salt spreader to complete your fleet or boost the marketability of your independent business.

Maintenance Checklist for Salt Spreaders

It’s easy to focus on the larger equipment in your fleets, but salt spreaders need love too to ensure that your important safety work is done thoroughly and speedily every time winter precipitation hits.

  • Clean: If your spreader has a metal hopper, caked-on salt can corrode the surface and eventually cause rust to form, especially if your machine wasn’t thoroughly scoured before storing it in the off-season. Get in there with a hose and water for a solid cleaning and, if possible, scour the hopper free of dirt, dust, and deicing materials after every use for truly thorough maintenance that will keep your salt spreader operating optimally all winter.
  • Inspect: As you clean your salt spreader, keep your eyes peeled for any scratches or chips that need touch-ups to help prevent corrosion. Check the operation of each component to determine whether any parts need to be addressed for repair or replacement. Adjust the tension if your salt spreader has belts, chains, or conveyors and be prepared to review these mechanisms throughout the season to make shifts as necessary and minimize any potential performance issues. Just be careful not to overtighten to avoid damage.
  • Grease: Every salt spreader is constructed of moving parts and these pieces need lubrication to work smoothly and reliably, especially in cold weather. Rely on a high-quality, multipurpose grease or oil to tend to conveyors, rollers, chains, augers, and all their friends, including electrical components to prevent corrosion and allow for easy reconnection. Always refer to your owner’s manual for recommendations on where, when, and how to grease your salt spreader, or schedule a service appointment with your equipment dealer for a complete treatment.

Do You Need a New Salt Spreader?

Maybe in cleaning and inspecting your existing salt spreader, you’ve come to realize that you need to upgrade your equipment. The Epoke salt spreader is a versatile machine that:

  • Distributes several kinds of materials, from salt to sand, liquid to pre-wetted dry material.
  • Varies the amount of material being spread.
  • Releases generous swaths of material in one pass.
  • Has GPS capabilities, allowing operators to record routes and the spreader controls used on the routes.
  • Offers a pre-wetting mechanism that reduces supply need, minimizes salt bounce and scatter, and maximizes cost savings.
  • Is environmentally friendly.

Ready to talk winter weather and your snow and ice fleet? Contact Bell Equipment, trusted distributor and servicer of Epoke salt spreaders in Michigan and Ohio.