Award-winning Jetscan Video Nozzle from Envirosight, available at Bell Equipment Company

Award-winning Jetscan Video Nozzle

Environmental Protection’s New Product of the Year Award was awarded to Envirosight’s Jetscan.

Environmental Protection awarded Envirosight’s Jetscan its New Product of the Year Award. This award recognizes innovative organizations and products that actively work to make the jobs of environmental professionals easier. In fact, Jetscan earned the highest score of all entries in the competition.

Jetscan, a video nozzle that can attach to any jetter hose and record HD video footage as sewer pipes are cleaned, received awards in both the New Technology/Industry and Wastewater product categories. Video footage captured by Jetscan can help document pipe condition, identify hazards, determine proper cleaning strategy and verify cleaning success. The recorded video can also be streamed via Wi-Fi to any tablet running the free Sewerlink app. Envirosight continues to work to provide innovative tools to municipalities and contractors to make the sewer inspection process more efficient and our communities safer places to live.



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