When it’s your job to tackle winter road maintenance, whether you’re managing a fleet or rolling solo in your community, you need a machine that can handle all types of weather conditions efficiently and effectively. When Mother Nature throws different precipitation your way – from major to minor, snow to ice – you need equipment that can manage any task. A bulk salt spreader is designed to handle just about anything.

Here are just five reasons to look for the most versatile salt spreader.

1. You service a variety of roads and areas.

Municipality, town, city, neighborhood – whatever community or territory you’re responsible for maintaining during winter weather, you have specific demands and goals. You want a machine that can manage everything from multilane highways and airport runways to side streets and parking lots with the same power and reach.

2. You need to cut costs and labor time.

A bulk salt spread efficiently covers large areas in one swoop, which cuts down on the cost of salt and other materials and reduces labor time dramatically. You (and your crew, if you have one) can work quickly and productively with the help of a large-volume salt spreader, instead of working with a large fleet of many small machines that aren’t half as efficient as one high-capacity salt spreader.

3. You have different materials for different purposes.

Some salt spreaders have the capacity to carry and distribute several kinds of material, including:

  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Split-stone
  • Prewet materials
  • Liquid
  • Liquid combined with dry material
  • Prewetted dry material and liquid

One pass with the right salt spreader could cover several lanes of road and allow the controller of the machine to carefully monitor the amount and type of material being spread so targeted areas are covered adequately.

4. You are focused on being environmentally friendly.

Buying a large salt spreader may seem counterintuitive to those who are attempting to minimize their personal impact on the environment or their company carbon footprint. However, one large salt spreader that can cover a large swath of road in less time means fewer machines are needed on the road, which cuts down on carbon emissions.

A carefully calibrated salt spreader that comes equipped with a pre-wetting feature is also good for the earth. Over a quarter of dry material can be replaced by liquid, which is cost-saving, reduces waste, and minimizes the likelihood of salt bounce and scatter.

Get an Epoke Salt Spreader in Michigan

Quick installation and ease of use make the Epoke 4902 Sirius AST Combi bulk salt spreader a must-have for many winter weather maintenance professionals and crews. It’s simple to turn a dump truck into a salt spreader with the Sirius, a piece of machinery that is high in performance, material control, and safety.

Contact Bell Equipment, trusted Michigan Epoke dealer, to discuss your needs and determine which salt spreader equipment is most appropriate and cost-effective for your area, responsibilities, and business goals.

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