The Growing Market for Cross Bore Inspection Services

An Untapped Market

An increasing number of municipalities and gas utilities are looking towards cross bore inspection programs to help identify and address dangerous cross bores before a disaster. Most of these programs fit into two categories: new construction and legacy. During new construction inspections, gas companies ask sewer inspection contractors to verify whether or not they’ve inadvertently created a cross bore while boring gas lines. During a legacy inspection, the sewer inspection contractor is hired to verify whether all existing sewer pipelines are free from the dangers of cross bores. Both types of cross bore inspection program are not only key to utility sustainability, they’ve become a high priority safety concern in several regions across North America. This trend can present a lucrative opportunity for sewer inspection contractors looking to expand their businesses. The few contractors that offer this service are often inundated with large projects and unable to keep up with demand. Sewer inspection contractors have the opportunity to leverage their position and, with the right sewer inspection camera and retrofit, take advantage of these contracts. To learn more, download the white paper Digging Deep: The Growing Market for Cross Bore Inspection Services.