choose the right refuse and recycling truck bell equipmentThere are just about as many models of refuse and recycling trucks as there are categories of refuse and recycling. The right machine, however, can work for a variety of applications. Identify the right truck for your private business or fleet of municipal vehicles by considering what kind of matter you’re picking up, how much of it, and where it needs to go.

Automated Front Loaders

You want easy, you want efficient, and you want modern. An automated front loader checks off all three boxes, especially if you run a busy route and productivity is non-negotiable. Residential and commercial areas have different needs, so a streamlined, no-frills truck that is powerful but intuitive to operate will get the job done. Look for a cost-effective refuse and recycling truck with perks like hydraulic control technology.

Front-End Loaders

Low cost and high productivity are the ultimate goals for owners of a front-end loader. Whatever bells and whistles you want on your front-end loader refuse and recycling machine, you can find. Keep the following perks in mind when you’re narrowing down your choices.

  • Trucks made with alternative metals, like aluminum and composites, help machines maintain a lightweight classification.
  • A load-control system sends an alert when the gross vehicle weight reaches its cap so you can transport the largest legal load without getting a citation.
  • A single, easy-to-use joystick saves times and increases productivity, even for hydraulic and electronic control systems.

Automated Side Loaders

Automated side loaders are known for speed and efficiency. These high-performing machines operate with super-short cycle times (as brief as eight seconds) and have lengthy arms so collection costs stay way down.

Waste industry professionals who have tight spots, particularly in residential areas or multi-family areas, to tend to will want to look for rapid-rail sideloading garbage trucks. You can get an automated side loader that is lightweight but also powerful. And there are even side loaders that also come equipped with a rear loader for a versatile machine.

Rear Loaders

Rear loaders can do no wrong for refuse and recycling professionals, no matter how small or large the area they’re serving. Need high compaction? A rear-loading machine will deliver. Need a split-body truck? You can find it in a rear loader. Super-fast, the reliable, durable rear loader gets the job done for towns and cities, commercial and residential areas.

Not sure if you should purchase new equipment, used equipment, or something completely different than the truck you’re eyeing? Contact Bell Equipment to learn more about all Heil refuse and recycling trucks and get the state-of-the-art equipment that’s suitable for your territory and responsibilities.