5 Must-Have Features for Sewer Inspection Cameras

 With today’s sophisticated sewer inspection technology, there should be no questions about what’s going on underground. Vague guesses waste time and resources and can damage equipment, creating even bigger problems. Whether you work in the city sector, department of transportation, or are an independent contractor, you need a reliable sewer inspection camera that makes your job easier and allows you to be efficient and precise in your diagnosis.

  1. Excellent camera and lighting

Identifying a sewer problem is no time for grainy camera footage, a subpar flash, or too many blind spots. Look for a sewer inspection camera with features like:

  • Illuminated detail
  • HD video
  • Crisp color footage
  • Powerful digital zoom
  • 3D visualization
  1. Power

There is no telling what could be lurking in those manholes, pipes, and sewers. When you’re diagnosing a problem with a sewer inspection camera, you need a piece of machinery that can make it through debris and maneuver around obstacles for the most thorough look at what’s really going on. Six-wheel drive systems make this kind of power possible, allowing for the most accurate view of the situation at hand. With the right camera, you can find problems without a crawler and identify hazards like collapses and protrusions without putting valuable equipment at risk.

  1. Sophisticated digital capabilities

The most sophisticated sewer camera systems should offer all the digital capabilities you need. Your wish list could include any of the following features:

  • View and record digital video
  • Access lifetime operating history
  • Wireless design
  • Hands-free stabilization
  • Remote title adjustment
  • Touchscreen tablet control
  • Laser measurement
  1. Rapid diagnostics

Sometimes there is no time to waste in the diagnosis of a sewer problem. Major storms and big emergencies require quick action, not a lot of above-ground guessing and sitting around before work can be done. You want a camera that is connected to technology that can generate reports on-site, offer status updates from dozens of onboard sensors, and prioritize tasks.

  1. Ease of use

Maybe you need a machine that can be deployed from any size vehicle. Perhaps you’re dealing with different types of pipes and your sewer inspection camera needs to be able to adapt to pipes of any size, condition, or material. You might need a compact and highly steerable system with a camera that can be tilted to offer thorough, clear views.

Ultimately, you need every advantage at your disposal so you can understand sewer conditions, and you need it to be as easy as possible to gather this information so corrections and repairs can proceed effectively. There shouldn’t be a question as to whether your sewer camera can deliver reliable information. The ease of gathering this information should be a given too.

Quickly assess sewer lines and inspect manholes and tanks with the right equipment. Eliminate the need for and cost of a CCTV crew. Contact Bell Equipment to discuss Envirosight products and find out what sewer inspection camera system is right for your needs.