5 Tips for Selecting the Right Street Maintenance Sweeper

Street maintenance sweeper will come in all shapes and sizes. Just like a car or truck, the abilities of each machine vary too. Where can you compromise? Where should you never skimp? Find out what street sweeping equipment works best in the areas you manage, whether you are an independent professional, company, or municipality in Michigan or Ohio.

  1. Know your territory.

Do you work in rural or urban locations? Do you have spacious neighborhoods to clean up or are you confined to tight, busy streets? Are you tending to streets or runways or parking lots? Knowing where you’re going to do your work makes all the difference in choosing the right street sweeper, because they’re not all right for every job.

  1. Understand performance.

A street maintenance sweeper is not created equal. The category your street maintenance sweeper falls into matters. You want to make sure you’re using the right machine for every job ahead.

  • Mechanical sweepers: More commonly known as broom sweepers, mechanical sweepers are designed to pick up debris then send it to a conveyor before it lands in the hopper.
  • Vacuum sweepers: The obvious action of the vacuum sweeper uses a nozzle to suck material from the ground through a nozzle.
  • Air sweepers: Regenerative air sweepers use both pressurized air and vacuum air to create an efficient, productive, versatile piece of equipment.
  • Waterless sweepers: The dust control system in waterless sleepers works for both fine particles and bulky material while delivering on water conservation.
  1. Know your options.

You may need compact, fast-working, high-performance machinery that works on uneven or patched roads. Or you may need a generous-sized, multi-purpose machine that is equipped to manage all types of debris year-round.

Brands like an Elgin street maintenance sweeper deliver on features like:

  • Water conservation
  • High-dump capabilities
  • Four-wheel or three-wheel model
  • Isolated cab
  • Single-lane dumping
  • No-jam belt conveyor system
  • Double-scissors lifting mechanism
  • Truck-mounted
  • Extra-wide sweeping path
  1. Know your operators.

A street maintenace sweeper can be so immense in size that they require operators to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before they can get behind the wheel. If you need the option to deploy any member of your staff at any time to run your street maintenance equipment, being able to eliminate CDL driving restrictions is a plus. Having an easy-to-maneuver machine on hand is a bonus too.

  1. Know your supplier.

Bell Equipment is a trusted dealer of new and used Elgin street maintenance vehicles in Michigan and Ohio. Bell Equipment distributes Elgin equipment because it is an established brand known for performance, durability, and state-of-the-art construction and capabilities.

When you need a recommendation for a street sweeper of superior make and power that is right for your responsibilities, demands, and territory, contact Bell Equipment for information about all their Elgin models.