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Summer Service Inspection Special in Michigan from Bell Equipment

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Hydraulic Filter Replacement – The Hydraulic Filter helps to keep the hydraulic oil clean and free of impurities. If it is not regularly cleaned, the valves can stick, and improper dosing can occur and lead to over spreading.

Operational Check of Unit – Performing an operational computer check of the unit will eliminate improper dosing. If the operational computer is not set correctly, the dosing amount will not be accurate.

Remove Left Side Tank & Inspect Spring Fingers & Lube Linkage – Removing the left side brine tank to inspect the spring fingers and soft rubber base and then backing the tension off the spring finger. If not properly maintained, the spring fingers and soft rubber base may wear out prematurely and cause improper dosing during the next winter.

Lubricate Entire Machine – If worn bearings go unattended, your Epoke will not operate efficiently. Greasing the bearings on the entire machine will help the bearings to last longer. It will also decrease future repair costs and down time.

Inspect Conveyer & Spinner Assembly – Checking the conveyor assembly and lining of the conveyor belt and adjusting as needed will help to extend the life of the conveyor belt and keep the belt from wearing out prematurely. Replacing the belt is a major undertaking and very costly.

Full Report of our Findings

One final and very important tip from Bell Equipment – Keep your Epoke performing efficiently and avoid service issues by properly cleaning and washing the unit down after every use during the operating season.

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