MultiPack® Automated Side Loader

Heil’s MultiPack Side Loader Garbage Truck Body combines the durable Heil DuraPack®, the superior Python® automated arm and the proven DuraPack® 5000 refuse tailgate. It’s the only trash truck that can handle rear loader, side loader and even commercial waste routes single-handedly.

Heil’s MultiPack Garbage Truck Body can do it all because it combines three precision-engineered products: the durable Heil DuraPack® body, the superior Python® automated arm, and the proven DuraPack® 5000 tailgate. These features make the MultiPack the ultimate high-performance refuse collection vehicle. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your total capital equipment costs, think MultiPack. It is the only trash truck that can handle rear loader, side loader, and even commercial garbage collection routes single-handedly.

The MultiPack is ideal for routes with “unlimited-at-the-curb” contracts. It’s also the perfect unit for those ugly “surprises” that unexpectedly end up next to a customer’s trash cart on collection day. Plus, while other manufacturers may offer multi-function vehicles, only Heil’s MultiPack is “totally functional” in both modes of operation because it can pick up a completely manual or automated route. Think of the possibilities!

Heil DuraPack 5000 Rear Load Garbage Truck
Key Features