DuraPack® Rapid Rail®

The DuraPack Rapid Rail Automated Sideload Garbage Truck Body has a 1,600 pound lift capacity and 8-second cycle time. This ensures that it will be a superstar on residential, commercial and multi-family refuse routes. The strong arm can handle 30-400 gallon waste containers and has virtually zero kick out allowing operation in the tight spots. All this combined with the legendary DuraPack high-compaction sideload body makes for a reliable, tough RCV.

Heil has combined 2 of our amazing products to create one smooth operator! The all-new DuraPack Rapid Rail features all of the benefits of the DuraPack body with the Rapid Rail arm. The DuraPack Rapid Rail features a heavy lifting capacity of up to 1,600 pounds and allows for residential, commercial, and multi-family collection. This allows our customers to utilize one unit with more payload carrying capacity. This eliminates the need for a chase truck and due to the greater payload capacity, fewer trips to the landfill.

This truck also features proportional controls and dual joystick capabilities. Proportional controls allow for precision control while giving the operator a smoother lift and reducing cab shake. This lift-feathering feature is standard, giving the operator the ability to precisely pick up containers from difficult areas. This reduces the need for the operator to exit the cab and reduces wear and tear on the lift, providing more uptime and a lower total cost of ownership. The dual joystick capability provides an easy-to-operate joystick and gives the operator precise control. The benefit of this is that the lift operates like a Rapid Rail or DuraPack Python with the press of a button. This reduces the learning curve and training time and increases productivity from day one. It also allows operators from mixed fleets to transition from unit to unit with no loss in route time.

The DuraPack Rapid Rail also features Cortex with Insight Display. The “brain” of our system is a rugged mobile controller that provides the intelligence and precise control our unit demands. Utilizing a mobile controller and placing it in a protected location gives us the intelligence we need and the durability our customers require. This allows for less downtime and ease of service.

Key Features