Half/Pack®Commercial Odyssey®

Heil DuraPack 5000 Rear Load Garbage Truck
Don’t let the size fool you. The beauty of this highly maneuverable refuse collection vehicle (RCV) is its narrow, compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for commercial or residential routes. Operators don’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and the vehicle is exempt from Federal Excise Tax (FET). And the simple but effective swing link design means no slides, tracks or rollers, just compaction.

The Half/Pack front load garbage truck has consistently delivered proven performance in some of the most demanding environments imaginable, earning a loyal following of users who rely on its unmatched dependability and appreciate its lower total cost of ownership.

Heil continues to set the standard for front loader refuse trucks with the evolution of innovative new features that enhance functionality. Our patented Shur-Lock™ tailgate locks, double-walled and lapped hopper sides, and an industry-leading interlaced ladder subfloor foundation mean that your Half/Pack front loader is built for a long, reliable lifespan.

But Heil is not simply known for engineering and manufacturing outstanding garbage trucks. We back all Heil front load trash trucks with a worldwide network of knowledgeable dealers and service centers, as well as the industry’s first dedicated manufacturer-based training facility and mobile training centers, to help you keep your equipment operating at its peak. Add to that Heil’s century-old heritage of commitment to customer satisfaction, and you can feel certain that, when you choose a Half/Pack front loader, you are getting the most productive, durable, safe, and easy to maintain front loader available.

Key Features