DuraPack® 4060 Rear Loader

The dual-bin design of the DuraPack® 4060 rear load garbage truck is a win-win, allowing collection of multiple residential trash streams or recyclables, so one truck can do the work of two. And the reduced weight body means enhanced fuel economy and larger payloads.

Have you expanded your residential trash collection operations to include multiple commodities? Are you trying to succeed with single-commodity garbage trucks? Why not improve route efficiency and reduce your costs by using the right equipment for the job?

Heil’s DuraPack 4060 split-body rear load garbage truck is the ideal vehicle for manually collecting multiple commodities on a single route. It has the compaction power to handle bulky ferrous waste like used appliances and sheet metal scraps, and the sealing ability to handle wet waste like organics or food scraps. Additionally, by outfitting the vehicle with single or dual Bayne premium mobile lifters, you can reduce the stress and strain on personnel who are manually loading the vehicle.

As the industry’s premium multi-compartment rear loader, the DuraPack 4060 split-body rear loader is the next generation of our already popular Formula® 4060 split-body rear loader. By adding the smooth curved sides and the fully welded, interlaced subframe that have become the benchmark of durability for the DuraPack line, this new refuse collection vehicle combines longevity and functionality to deliver maximum performance. With a 40/60 two-compartment body, the DuraPack 4060 features independent hydraulic systems enabling the pressure to be adjusted for each compartment based on the type of waste being collected. For example, a higher compaction rate can be used for the refuse compartment, while a lower compaction rate can be selected for recyclables to minimize breakage.

Heil DuraPack 5000 Rear Load Garbage Truck
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