This powerful rear load garbage truck body has high-pressure hydraulics and dual-track design to provide an awesome compaction of up to 1,200 lbs per yard. The PowerTrak® 3.64 yd hopper handles construction, demolition, and bulk waste better than any commercial rear loader in it’s class.

What makes the PowerTrak Commercial Rear Loader the waste industry’s ultimate garbage-gobbling garbage truck?

A compaction rate of up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard. A 21-second cycle time. A 7- to 9-second reloading time. A huge 3.64 cubic yard hopper. When you add it up, one fact is inescapable: You will earn more with the PowerTrak Commercial rear loader because you can haul more with the PowerTrak Commercial!

And that’s not just trash talk. When you factor in a Heil garbage truck’s traditional low maintenance cost, lack of downtime, overall on-the-job efficiency, longevity, and high trade-in value, it’s easy to see why the PowerTrak Commercial rear loader delivers the best return on investment in the solid waste industry.

The patented dual-track packing system is the heart of the PowerTrak design.

Other rear load garbage truck’s move shoes or rollers along a single track during sweep and pack cycles. This requires the top cylinder to operate at a sharp angle of resistance, causing intense friction that robs power and speed and increases wear on shoes and tracks. The PowerTrak Commercial’s revolutionary dual-track system gives the top cylinder its own track, significantly reducing the angle of resistance. This reduces friction and increases cycle times because more pressure is exerted directly onto the load, giving you incredibly long life from the aluminum/bronze alloy slide shoes. If you are looking for the ultimate Rear Load Garbage Truck body, the PowerTrak® is your absolute solution!

Key Features